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Fully Funded Postgraduate Scholarships For International Students in KFUPM

fully funded scholarships for international students in king fahd university

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals(KFUPM) is offering fully funded postgraduate scholarships for international students for spring semester 2018.KFUPM established on 1963 by Royal Decree, since that time the university is growing fastly and efficiently.The university offers a fully funded scholarship for foreign students twice a year.

The goals of King Fahd University are to:-

  • Enhance the research environment at KFUPM.
  • Disseminate knowledge in the society.
  • Improve quality and efficiency of the graduate programs.
  • Increase diversity in the graduate student body.
  • Increase the efficiency of the processes of Deanship of Graduate Studies.

Admission Requirement:-

To avail, the admission and fully funded scholarship in King Fahd university requirements are following.

  1. A four-year Bachelor’s (B.S.) Degree in engineering or science from a recognized institution.
  2. A Grade-Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher on a scale of 4.00 or equivalent, and a GPA of 3.00 in the subject of the major field. (Official transcripts and degree certificates are required for final admission.).
  3. At least two recommendation letters from the faculty who taught the applicant university-level courses.
  4. A statement of purpose in which mention your previous research and/or practical experience. Also, include the interest in research and academic during a graduate program at KFUPM.
  5. For applicants outside Saudia Arabia copy of identification(National ID Card or passport) and for residents of Saudia Arabia Iqama is necessary.
  6. Complete official transcripts are necessary which should contain name and grades of all courses.
  7. Passport size colour photograph with white background.
  8. TOEFL or IELTS score sheet [If Available]
  9. GRE score sheet¬ [If Available]
  10. Degree’s certificates¬ [If Degree’s are awarded].

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Application Procedure:-

Fully funded postgraduate scholarships for international students

Programs at KFUPM:-

Below are the list of Master and PHD courses offered at KFUPM.

1Aerospace EngineeringM.Sc.
2Applied StatisticsM.Sc.New
3 Architectural EngineeringM.Sc., M.Engg.
4Business AdministrationM.B.A., Exec. M.B.A.**
5Chemical EngineeringM.Sc., Ph.D.
6ChemistryM.Sc., Ph.D.
7City & Regional PlanningMaster.
8Civil EngineeringM.Sc., M.Engg., Ph.D.
9Computer EngineeringM.Sc., Ph.D.New
10Computer NetworksM.Sc.
11Computer ScienceM.Sc.
12Computer Science & EngineeringPh.D.
13Construction Engineering & Management    M.Sc., M.Engg.
14Electrical EngineeringM.Sc., Ph.D.
15Engineering ManagementMaster
16Environmental ScienceM.Sc.
17GeologyM.Sc., Master, Ph.D.
18GeophysicsM.Sc., Master
19Industrial & Systems EngineeringM.Sc., Ph.D.
20Life SciencesM.Sc.New
21Material Science & EngineeringM.Sc.
22MathematicsM.Sc., Ph.D.
23Mechanical EngineeringM.Sc., Ph.D.
24Medical PhysicsMaster
25Oil & Gas Surface FacilitiesMaster**
26Petroleum EngineeringM.Sc., Ph.D.
27PhysicsM.Sc., Ph.D.
28Supply Chain ManagementMaster**
29System & Control EngineeringM.Sc., Ph.D.
30Telecommunication EngineeringM.Sc.
31Software EngineeringM.Sc.
32Security & Information AssuranceM.Sc.¬ New

Fully funded scholarship stipend:-

King Fahd University is offering the best fully funded scholarships for Masters and PHD students from all over the world.The benefits of this scholarship for international and domestic students are following.

For Research Assistant

  1. Monthly stipend of SR 1725/
  2. No tuition fee.
  3. Flight ticket to KFUPM while flying for the first time and while flying back after completion of course
  4. 1 month paid leave annually.
  5. Free student housing (1 room shared by 2 for M.Sc.Students & 1 room for 1 PhD student).
  6. Subsidized meals at the student cafeteria.
  7. Free books for all the courses during the degree.
  8. Free internet access.
  9. Free medical treatment.
  10. Transferable job visa.


For Research Assistant beside study, they have to do some departmental duties such as teaching, conducting exams, grading answer sheets.

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For Full-time students:-

  • Monthly stipend¬†of¬†SR 890/
  • No tuition¬†fee.
  • Flight ticket to KFUPM¬†while flying for the first time and while flying¬†back after completion of course
  • 3 months of¬ paid leave annually + return flighticket.
  • Free student housing (1 room shared by 2 for M.Sc.Students & 1 room for 1 PhD student).
  • Subsidized meals at the student cafeteria.
  • Free books for all the courses during the degree.
  • Free internet access.
  • Free basic medical treatment.
  • Non-transferable visa.


For students, they have no such duties to perform but if they want to earn during their study they can do work like Research Assistant.

Important Points:-

  1. Documents which are not mandatory for submitting the application Do Not imply that they are not necessary before admission.
  2. It simply means that University will process your application without these documents but they can ask for these documents at any stage of admission.
  3. In order to upload the required documents make clear and legible scanned copies in PDF format.
  4. This scholarship is only for Male Students.


The online application and required documents should be uploaded before October 3, 2017. The deadline for Recommendation letters is October 10, 2017

Every student has a dream to study in world best universities for their better future.A study in King Fahd University is one of the best opportunity for internationals and Pakistani students.I would recommend all students to apply in KFUPM university for the spring semester and grab the opportunity of fully funded postgraduate scholarships for international students in Saudia Arabia.

Feel Free to ask any question in comment section. Best of luck for future endeavours.

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