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Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students in Korea 2018

scholarships for internaitonal students in korea

The Korean universities are offering fully funded scholarships for international students in Undergraduate, Masters and PhD degrees for 2018 spring session.The Korean universities are world best research oriented universities. Korea is filled with opportunity, excellent academic system, cutting-edge research, world-class facilities, internationally renowned faculty and has one of the best universities for the international students to study in Korea.

What is Korean Scholarship?

In Korea, most of the scholarships are offered by the professors. Professors hire you in the lab and you work on company projects. Projects are based on research and development of products etc of companies. Therefore, your tuition fee, living expenses are paid by the professors using the money of companies.

Why choose Korea:-

As you have read before, that companies pay to professors for doing R & D of them. Few such companies in Korea are Samsung, LG, POSCO, Hyundai, Daewoo, Daelim, Lotte, Hynix etc. These are just a few companies out of thousands of companies in Korea. So just imagine that if you study in Korea, you will have chances to work on projects offered by such big and small companies. When you will graduate with a degree from Korea, you will have chances to get a job in such big companies there. Many international students are working in these companies there. Also, if you do not want to do a job after doing your masters from Korea. Then you will have many research publications in conferences/journals in your masters due to working on different projects of companies and publishing your results, which will enable you to get top PhD positions anywhere in the world of your choice. Even after PhD from Korea, you will have a better profile than people who do PhD from other countries in the world due to good publications. So, going to Korea opens new Horizons for you.

Why early applying?

The Korean universities will start admissions and scholarships applications for international students soon for Spring 2018. But students from different countries other than Pakistan, try to contact and impress professor earlier than the opening of admission process of Spring 2018. Therefore, if you apply late, then may be professor would already have chosen a student for his lab from another country. So, it good to start now, find and contact the professor, in order to secure your seat in the professor’s lab and get Korea scholarships for international students.

How to Apply for Korean Scholarships:-

Read all the points carefully that how you can apply for Korean scholarships.

  1. First of all, find professor for your Master’s or PhD degree in different universities of Korea.In Korean universities almost every professor are giving scholarships to international students.First of all search relevant professors using google and search one by one with keywords such as University name + your major + Korea (do not write full university name) such as
    Sookmyung Chemistry Korea, use such keywords to find professors for scholarships.Also read:Â How to Find Supervisor/Professor for Master &PHD scholarship grants
  2. Open university web sites, departments, using google translator and find your relevant departments and professors.
  3. Contact professor through proper email and send PDF research CV to professors.
    Note: Do not ask Korean Professor for any acceptance letter as you ask Chinese professors. If you ask Korean Professor for an acceptance letter, he/she may not understand and your chances of selection will be finished. Korean professors acceptance is like a consent of him in an email, in which he/she says that he/she will cover your tuition fee and expenses. University admission process do not need it. As you get apply for admission after professor’s consent in an email. You will mention professor’s contacts in admission process/documents. Which university will consider and give you admission on priority. If you get admission, then you will show it to professors who would have promised already to cover your expenses and then you will go to Korea on his money.Also Read:Â How to write an effective email to professor for international scholarship grants
  4.  It is your hard work and trying. We can give you resources and guide you the way. So now it is your turn to work hard on it, so it is all your effort. Just find the professors and contact them.
  5.  IELTS & TOEFL is a requirement of many universities. But you can try to apply with English proficiency certificates. If you are lucky, then they will accept you without IELTS score. But if deadlines are far, then you can try to do IELTS or TOEFL. If you have no time, then apply with proficiency certificate and hope for the best.

Documents Required:-

scholarships for international students in korea

Korean Scholarships Benefits:-

  1. The international students are generally free from paying university tuition and other fees.
  2. Monthly National Health Insurance is supported by student’s advisor/department.
  3. The companies pay professor for doing a project of them.Therefore, your tuition fee, living expenses are paid by the professors using the money of companies.

Top Korean Universities Deadline:-

  1. SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY: Last Date: 31 August…/Admission_Guide_for_International_…
  2. University of Science and Technology: Last Date: 08 September…/BBSMST…/…
  3. KAIST: Last Dates: 20 September…/Guideline_GraduateAdmission_…
  4.  EWHA: Last Dates: 4th September to September 29……/…/international/noticeView.asp…
  5. Sejong: Last Date: Late September (Advanced Notice, check yourself as well the deadlines regularly)…/…/cor/gadmissionstimeline.html
  6. Chungnam University: Deadline: Early October (Advanced Notice, check yourself as well the deadlines regularly)…
  7. GIST: Last Dates: October 15
  8. Chung ang : Last Date: Mid October 2017 (Advanced Notice, check yourself as well the deadlines regularly)
  9. POSTECH + GIFT: Last Dates: October 17
  10. KDI: Last Dates: 25 October
  11. DGIST, Last Date: 26 October…/dgist_admission/menu/
  12. Ulsan University: Last Dates: 31 October
  13. Catholic University of Korea: Last Dates: Late October,(Advanced Notice, check yourself as well the deadlines regularly)
  14. Chonnam: Last Dates: Late October (Advanced Notice, check yourself as well the deadlines regularly)…
  15. INHA: Last Dates: Late October (Advanced Notice, check yourself as well the deadlines regularly)
  16. Kyungpook National University: Last Date: Late October (Advanced Notice, check yourself as well the deadlines regularly)
    Professor Scholarship
  17. Sookmyung Woman’s University: Deadline: Late October
  18. Pukyong National University: Deadline: Late October
  19. Seoul Tech: Last Dates: Early November (Advanced Notice, check yourself as well the deadlines regularly)
  20. Dongukk: Last Dates: Late November (Advanced Notice, check yourself as well the deadlines regularly)
  21. Chonbuk: Last Date: Late November (Advanced Notice, check yourself as well the deadlines regularly)

Download the complete list of Korean universities by clicking here. More than 60 universities are in the list with complete details.

Every student has a dream to study in world best universities for their better future.A study in Korean University is one of the best opportunity for internationals and Pakistani students.I would recommend all students to apply in above-mentioned universities for spring semester and grab the opportunity of scholarships for international students in Korea.

Feel Free to ask any question in comment section. Best of luck for future endeavors.

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