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How to get Scholarship in Australia | Study Guide

Written by Ridah Mir


Brief Description

If you are interested in studying in Australia, you are in the right place! There are thousands of scholarship offered, and we have the number one guide to help you from the beginning to the end. Our Australian school search can help you find the right school, our resource pages will help you study, work, and live in Australia, and we even have information on what to expect after graduation. Stick with us to go down under!

Why Study in Australia

When most people think of Australia, they see wide open spaces of outback bush, kangaroos, koalas and clean air and water. However, Australia has so much more to offer than just that! Many international students are choosing to study in Australia and to get scholarship  because of its friendly, laid-back nature, excellent education system, and high standard of living.

Growing Destination:

Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education.

Global Recognition:

Schools and employers all over the world recognize degrees from Australian schools. Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system. This system is carefully regulated by the Australian government in order to maintain the high standards of education associated with the country.

Cost Of Living:

Australia’s standard of living is amongst the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than they are in the United States and United Kingdom. International students are able to work part time while they study, allowing them to offset their living costs. There is also the possibility of scholarships, which can help to lower the cost of studying in Australia for international students.

Diversity Of Education

Institutions in Australia offer a wide variety of courses and degrees, so international students can easily find the school and field that are right for them. The first decision international students have to make when choosing a degree program is which type of school is most catered to their needs and interests. Students can choose between universities, vocational education, and English language training. If necessary, it is easy for students to move between one qualification levels and from one institution to another.


One of the most appealing aspect of the country for international students is the quality of scientific research. Australia is at the forefront of new technology and innovations. Students who study in Australia can take advantage the country’s impressive technology and research resources.


Students visiting the country are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while they are studying in Australia. This is a great opportunity for students who want to earn money to help with living expenses during their stay, and for students who want to gain work experience in their field of interest while they study.

When most people think of Australia, they see wide open spaces of outback bush, kangaroos, koalas and clean air and water. However, Australia has so much more to offer than just that! Many international students are choosing to study in Australia because of its friendly, laid-back nature, excellent education system, and high standard of living.

Choosing The Right Program

How do you know what program/ university is right for you? Reading our “factors to consider” section should give you a good understanding of what you need to think about so you can make the right choice.

Living In Australia

Living in Australia may be different to life in your home country. To prepare for life in a foreign country far from home, our “Living in Oz” section gives you help, advice and information about what life is like in Australia.

Insurance Of Australia

Many international students traveling and studying in Australia will want to have a private health insurance plan in place for the full duration of their time abroad. It’s important to think about what type of coverage you’ll need and if you plan to do any international traveling. Many students apply for a travel medical insurance coverage for Australia so that they will be covered in case the unexpected happens. Whether you get sick, need emergency care, or need evacuation coverage, international travel medical insurance can help you. Australia has a special health insurance coverage for international students called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSCH). This insurance is required while on your student visa in Australia – however what happens if you travel to another country? Or, if you need more comprehensive coverage? Or, if you will be traveling to Australia as a non-student? Learn more about health care and insurance in Australia.

Working In Australia

One of the benefits of being an international student in Australia is that you have permission to work part-time while completing your degree. Australia, unlike other countries, gives those with a student visa automatic permission to work. International students must find a job on their own, but once hired, they will gain hands-on experience in a number of fields including retail, administration, and hospitality. Not only is this a unique opportunity for students to gain real work-experience in Australia, but it also helps students cover their living and college expenses as well as improves their business English fluency.

Financial Aid For Australia

Studying in Australia can be expensive depending on the program. The key to success is to budget ahead of time and secure financial assistance. Once you have verified your costs, the next step is calculating how much you and your family can afford. International organizations, international scholarships, international student loans, and private Australian organizations can be important funding sources that can help you study in Australia. Read our Financial Aid section to learn more.

Post Graduation

You have graduated – now what happens? What are your options? Can you stay in Australia? Do you need to leave the country? Can you go to Graduate School? After you graduate, you have many options – this section will help you decide what is right for you.


You must have many questions in your minds regarding study in Australia. Don’t worry we have all the solutions in pack. Here you will get all the right information sections including:

  • Australian top Universities
  • How to get Admission,
  • Visa Guidance,
  • Entry requirements,
  • Study cost at Australia,
  • And why you should Choose Australia

This  {{Scholarship In Australia }} Guide will help Pakistani Students to get precise and focused information regarding study abroad in Australia. Here, students will get all the desired and important detail means.

  • Universities of Australia are standardize and providing quality education to Pakistani students?
  • What is necessary for Pakistani Students to get the admission in Australian university.
  • What will be the academic requirement in general?

Important Questions about Study in Australia:

                                                        A Guide for Pakistan Students

How much the Average tuition fee for undergraduate or post graduate courses in Australia?

International students who are planning to study undergraduate or post graduate level degree program in Australia can find out average tuition fee. We give you the details of average tuition fee for undergraduate or post graduate level course.

Students who want to do Bachelor’s degree program in Australia will have to pay AU$15,000 to AU$33,000. Students who want to start their Master level degree program will have to pay AU$20,000to $37,000 and research or doctoral level degree program will have to pay AU$14,000 to $37,000.

This tuition fee amount of diverse degree has based on the course, if students will join medical, engineering and that kind’s course will pay higher than the average tuition fee. Must have some extra money in their bank accounts to study in Australia.

Will it be allowed to work while I am studying in Australia?

International students who want to work during their studies period in Australia, here are some best options for students. Working during studies in Australia really helpful way to support educational and living cost as an international students.

Mostly, students have to do work to manage their cost of living and gain maximum experience, which will help them in future to get right job. Many student visas give permission to student to do only 40 hour of doing a job every 2 weeks. Students must get help and permission form authorities to do any kind of job in Australia.

International students also find out more details through the official website of Department of Immigration and Border Protection which is official Australian government online information portal.

Students who want to do paid work there are multiple options for students such as students can do a retailer job in any market or store, hospitality work in hotels or cafes, tourism  or related work, agricultural related work, sales and Telemarketing and admin level jobs in any organization.


Students who have knowledge about teaching job, students can do a job part time.


There are multiple big organizations offers summer paid or unpaid internships for international students. Students can apply for these internships to support their education cost and get experience.


Many Australian NGO and charity organization offered volunteer work for students. Students who want to do these kinds of work can visit this website and search their work

Finding Work

International student can also do online working on diverse newspapers or online job portal. Its easy way to make money.

Where and what kind of accommodation are in Australia for international student?

Accommodation in Australia for International students is quite different as compare to other countries. Universities in Australia offer no or limited accommodation facilities for international students. Mostly, international students who come for studies lives off campus such as hostels, homestay programs and rental properties. Universities in Australia not facilitate students related to on campus accommodation in Australia.

Australia Government Awards

  • Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)
  • Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)
  • Australian universities scholarships
  • Australian National University
  • Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)
  • Curtin University International Research Scholarships
  • Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS)
  • La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES)
  • Macquarie Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships
  • Melbourne Research Scholarships (MRS)
  • Monash University International Scholarships for Excellence
  • Rotary Peace Fellowships
  • University of Sydney International Scholarships
  • University of Newcastle Postgraduate Research Scholarships (UNIPRS)
  • University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS)
  • University of Western Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Other Australian scholarships

  • Flowers Across Melbourne Scholarship
  • International Water Center Scholarships for International Students

How can I find out, my educational background will be accepted by the Australian University?

International students can apply directly to any Australian university, the university authorities will guide students about student’s weather their degree are eligible to study in Australia or not.

What’s the usual application process for Masters level courses in Australia?

Students who want to study in Australia can apply for Masters level admission to directly in any university of Australia. Students can visit the Austrian visa office or consultant with education agents for detailed information about their admission in Australian university.

Course Application Advice:

Firstly, students must choose their course carefully because this is the initial step of your brighter future. So students must select their interested course and find out which institutions are offered this masters level courses. Students must check out the complete details about the university eligibility criteria, facilities and other services info.

Secondly, after select a courses, students must apply for any university of Australia. International students must check their educational and English language criteria and find out their application deadline.

Students can apply online or by postal for admission in any Australian university directly. Other option is students can contact to study abroad consultant, he will guide you complete process as well. There are some important document require to apply for university, you have to mention your course in application form and attach these material:

  • Personal particulars
  • English language proficiency evidence.
  • All educational certificates and transcripts.
  • Details about the courses you are applying.
  • Experience letter.

For more details please contact to your universities authorities or educational agent.

Thirdly, there are required some to application processed. So, international students must have patience after apply for admission in any Australian university. Please confirm your admission application details have received to the university or not.

Fourthly, after your application received by the university and now this time to wait for your acceptance letter.  If your application is accepted to the any Australian university, you will get the acceptance letter confirmation mail. Students must read this acceptance letter very carefully and follow the instructions. When will you meet the university requirements they will give you the confirmation of enrolment.

Lastly, after you received your confirmation enrolment letter, it’s time to departure, now you can apply for student’s visa. Your university will guide you properly about the further proceeding and details.


What are the language requirements for international students to study in Australia?

International students who are not belong to nonnative English speaker nationalities must have some proof of their English language proficiency skills. This proof is based on some kind’s language tests, which are recognized in all over the world.

English language requirements for international students to study in Australia is totally based on the universities language requirements. So, here are some basic test which are accepted in Australian universities.

  • PTE

Cambridge English language test

Students can contact to their institution to find out their language requirement.

How much money will I need during my Masters level studies in Australia?

International students who want to study Master level degree program will bear the cost of AUD 11,000 to 36,000 annually. This is the average amount to study Master course if students want to apply for Medical and engineering level curses than the amount will be increase according to program.

The international students will pay about AUD 360 per week for living cost in Australia. The cost of living for students will based of their lifestyle and money they have. Living cost will be based on location and many other factors. For more detail please contact to related person.

Where do I apply for my student visa?

International student can apply online through the Official Website of Australian government for student visa application.

Different visa categories for students

  • Australian National University
  • Adelaide Scholarship International (ASI)
  • Curtin University International Research Scholarship
  • Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (FIPRS)
  • La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES)
  • Macquarie Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship
  • Melbourne Research Scholarship (MRS)
  • Monash University International Scholarship for Excellence
  • Rotary Peace Fellowships
  • University of Sydney International Scholarship
  • University of Newcastle Postgraduate Research Scholarship (UNIPRS)
  • University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS)
  • University of Western Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Applying for Student Visa

These are general guidelines for every international students who want to apply for student visa. This procedure is based on the assessment level of the candidates, but we give you general guidelines.

Step 1: application submit to school

Step 2: letter of acceptance from the institute you applying for,

Step 3: student must clear the payment of that course which you have apply.

Step 4: get your electronic confirmation of enrolment and payment receipt.

Step 5: complete your student’s visa application

Step 6: all your documents including competed Submit Visa application form, eCOE must submit as required.

Step 7: now procedure of your application starts, you have to wait for Immigration

Step 8: If approved, Immigration will need passport to enter visa sticker

                                                                  Top Ten Universities In Australia:

Australian National UniversityCanberra19
University of MelbourneMelbourne42
University of SydneySydney45
University of New South WalesSydney46
University of QueenslandBrisbane46
Brielle WilliamsonNew York61
Monash UniversityVictoria67
University of Western AustraliaPerth98
University of AdelaideSouth Australia113
University of technology SydneySydney19
Macquarie universitySydney47




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