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Schwarzman Scholars

Schwarzman Scholars
Written by Al E Hassan

Schwarzman Scholars

Schwarzman Scholars | Must See: Luys Scholarships




DEADLINE: September 27, 11:59 PM, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

We highly
recommend candidates submit applications when completed or up to two weeks in advance of
the deadline. Due to high volume, submitting on the deadline day is NOT recommended, and
applications received late (even due to latency issues) will not be accepted.
Thank you for your interest in Schwarzman Scholars. The application should be completed
online and submitted electronically once you have answered all required questions. You do not
have to complete the online application in one sitting; you may access, save, and continue work
on your application as frequently as needed prior to submitting the application to the
Schwarzman Scholars selection committee. It is recommended that you SAVE your work often.
The application form must be completed in English.
Please note that the email address provided to create your account will be used for ALL
future correspondence about your candidacy. After creating an account, you will receive a
system-generated email prompting you to verify your email. Keep your login information in a
safe place, as you will need it to access your application in the future.
Eligibility Requirements: http://schwarzmanscholars.org/admissions/eligibility/
FAQ: http://schwarzmanscholars.org/admissions/faq/
For technical support, please contact: apptech@schwarzmanscholars.org
PERSONAL INFORMATION: In this section, you will provide biographical and contact
information. You should list your name, nationality, place of birth, and date of birth exactly as
they appear (or will appear) on your passport. Note that you may begin the application without
having a passport, but prior to submitting your application you are strongly advised to have a
passport (valid for six months after December 1 of the current year), as international travel may
be required to participate in the interview process (interviews will take place in Bangkok,
London, or New York; please take into consideration whether you will need a valid passport to
travel to one of these locations). The interview component of the selection process is required for
all semi-finalists, and there will not be sufficient time to secure a passport between when
interview invitations are sent (mid-October) and the interviews themselves (late October/early
November). If you already have a valid passport, be sure that your passport will be valid until at
least May 2019 (six months after the interviews take place), as this may be required for
international travel to the interview locations. Having a valid passport that permits you to travel
internationally for semi-finalist interviews in October/November 2018 is your responsibility.
EDUCATION: List post-secondary institutions where you have obtained a DEGREE, with the
most recent institution listed first. Only list actual degrees that you have earned or will earn; do
NOT list any short-term study, certificate programs or study abroad programs. The intention of
this section is not to list all your study history.

Schwarzman Scholars

Schwarzman Scholars

It should only reflect degree granting
Bachelor’s/Master’s/Doctoral programs. Listing non-degree granting programs actually makes
the admissions process more difficult. Other study programs and details can be listed on your
resume. If your university/college is not included in the drop-down menu, you should type
“School not found” and enter the official name of the university/college in the “University
Name” field below. Before typing this in, please be sure you have searched the name of your
university in English and your native language. If you are currently enrolled in an institution, you
must enter the anticipated date your degree will be awarded. You will also be required to upload
copies of official university/college transcripts. If your transcripts are in a language other than
English, certified English translations must accompany these documents. We accept translations
issued by the institution or a professional translating service. For information on qualified
translators in your area, please contact the American Translators Association (www.atanet.org)
or another recognized translation service such as University Language Services

Schwarzman Scholars

GRADE POINT AVERAGE/CLASS RANK: If your institution provides a cumulative grade
point average and/or a class rank for your degree, you MUST include it in this section. If you are
listing a U.S.-style grade point average, this should be the cumulative average for your entire
program of study, not the grade point average of your major. We understand that some
educational systems do not provide this type of information, so there is an option to enter 0 if this
is the case. Please note, that academic excellence is an important component of the Schwarzman
Scholars program, so any information or context that you can provide to help the selection
committee evaluate your educational experience is most appreciated.
PROPOSED FIELD OF STUDY: Choose one of the following for your intended concentration
in the Schwarzman Scholars program at Tsinghua University: Economics and Business,
International Studies, or Public Policy. Your choice will not affect the admissions decision and
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Please only list your two most recent work experiences in
chronological order, starting with the most recent. Only list full-time employment. Do not list
part-time work, internships, or volunteer opportunities. These experiences can be highlighted in
your resume. If you are a student and do not have full-time employment, please select student.
EXPERIENCES ABROAD: List up to three academic, professional, or volunteer experiences
in which you spent more than two consecutive weeks away from your home country. Include the
location, the reason for the time abroad, and the dates/duration. If this was a multi-site
experience, please include the details in the description text box. Do not list tourist travel. If you
have more than three, please choose the three that were most important to your personal or
professional development. For example: Academic – Semester abroad studying at the University
X in Spain; Volunteer – 1 month building homes in Peru with Organization Y; Professional – 1
year teaching English as a second language in Bangkok, Thailand.
AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS: List up to 10 awards, scholarships, or special recognitions you
have received for academic, volunteer, sports, or professional work. Include the name of the
award/recognition, the date it was received, and a short description.
DISCIPLINARY ACTION: Indicate any academic or criminal disciplinary action taken against
you and provide an explanation. Schwarzman Scholars
RECOMMENDATIONS: Please register three recommenders using their names and email
addresses. Recommenders should know you well and be able to speak to your intellectual
abilities and personal characteristics as well as leadership potential. Family members or relatives
cannot be selected as recommenders. Please see the recommendation section of the application
for more detailed instructions.

Schwarzman Scholars

SUPPORTED FILE TYPES: There is a 20MB size limitation per attachment. Below is a list of
recommended file types that are supported by the system.
Essays, Personal Statement, Short Answer, and Resume attachments:
 .doc
 .docx
 .pdf
Transcripts and Test Scores:
 .pdf
 .gif
 .jpeg
ESSAYS: Each applicant will be required to provide two essays and one short answer question.
These can be completed offline and must be uploaded to the application. The two required essays
are a Statement of Purpose and Leadership (750 words) and a Current Affairs (500 words). The
essays are a critical component of the application, designed to help the selection committee
understand you as an individual and get a sense of your leadership abilities/potential, as well as
your writing and analytical skills. Detailed descriptions of each essay are included on the
application form. The short answer question (100 words) provides you with the opportunity to
highlight something about yourself that the selection committee would not otherwise glean from
the materials provided in your application. These word counts are strict and any essays that
exceed the limits may be disqualified.
You must use this exact naming convention for your essays and other documents:
TRANSCRIPTS: As mentioned in the Education section, you are required to upload copies of
official transcripts for your degree-granting post-secondary education. If the transcripts are not in
English, you will need to provide professional translations of these documents. We accept
translations issued by the institution or a professional translating service. For information on
qualified translators in your area, please contact the American Translators Association
(www.atanet.org) or another recognized translation service such as University Language
Services (www.universitylanguage.com). Please combine all transcripts (for degree-granting
undergraduate and graduate programs) and translations into one file before uploading.
Applicants who are offered admission and accept the offer will be required to submit official
transcripts in hard copy from every college or university from which they have earned a degree.
RESUME/CURRICULUM VITAE (Maximum 2 Pages): Upload a current version of your
Resume or CV to this section.
COMMENTS: If you wish to clarify any information you provided in the application, please do
so in this short answer section. For example, if you took a leave of absence or faced unusual
circumstances in your studies or in your career, you may wish to explain that here.
ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEST: If your native language is not English, official English
proficiency test scores must be submitted with the application. This requirement is waived for
applicants who studied for at least two years in an English-speaking program at an undergraduate
or graduate level. Acceptable test options are: TOEFL (iBT), TOEFL (PBT), or IELTS. Note
that English proficiency exams are only valid for two years.
VIDEO: Please provide a short video self-introduction of no more than 1 minute. Introduce
yourself in any style or setting you think best conveys your interest and personality. The point of
this recording is to allow the committee to hear you introduce yourself in your own voice and
style. A video taken on your mobile phone, laptop, or digital camera will suffice; we do not
expect or encourage applicants to use professional equipment, production, or editing. The
technical quality of the video is not as important as the content, but the committee must be able
to see and hear you. Please save the video on YouTube, VIMEO, or a similar service that is
readily accessible and provide the direct link to the page in the space below. Do NOT password
protect the video.

Schwarzman Scholars


Schwarzman Scholars Interested candidates will participate in a rigorous and thorough selection process, designed to identify the most promising young leaders from around the world. The process includes an online application and credentials evaluation as well as in-person regional interviews. Those selected will have demonstrated their potential to not only benefit frombut also contribute to the Schwarzman Scholars program.


  • A complete and successfully submitted online application, including the requested personal statement(s) and supplementary components below.
  • Uploaded transcripts/academic records from every degree-granting college or university attended (undergraduate or graduate – must be combined into one PDF and then uploaded). If transcripts are not in English, official translations must be included.
  • Three electronic letters of recommendation.  At least one of these letters must come from a recommender who can comment on the specific examples of leadership described in the candidate’s application, but the recommender must at least be able to comment on the candidate’s leadership qualities from direct knowledge of the candidate. Recommendations must be translated to English by a professional translator if written in another language.
  • Video: Submission of a video is strongly recommended but not required.  The video  can be up to one minute in length, and candidates are invited to introduce themselves in any style or setting they think best conveys their interests and personality. Note: the file must be less than 20MB in order for you to upload it to the application.
  • Current resume/CV: Please submit a resume or c.v. appropriate for any application for employment in your country. This can be no longer than 2 pages.
  • Two Essays:
    • Essay One: Statement of Purpose and Leadership (750 words).  Feel free to write this as one continuous statement or to break it into short sections for each theme.  In either case, you must stay within the 750-word limit. Describe your professional interests and goals; how they have evolved over time, and how will the Schwarzman Scholars program and a deeper knowledge of China’s role in the world help advance your goals?  Based on your prior professional and personal experiences, how do you think you will contribute to the community of Schwarzman Scholars and to the program’s mission? Include specific situations in your professional, academic, or personal life when you have demonstrated the leadership qualities outlined below. Guidance on describing your leadership qualities and experience in the Statement of Purpose and Leadership: Candidates must describe specific examples of their leadership that (1) explore their intellectual/analytical abilities to understand challenges and opportunities, and envision solutions, (2) take initiative to act, (3) use strong interpersonal skills to inspire a team effort, and (4) push through resistance and/or challenges in reaching results. The applicant’s example(s) of leadership might address some but not all of these characteristics. Examples might include efforts such as founding a student or community organization that successfully addressed a pressing need; taking on a transformative role in an existing organization; founding and running a startup to take advantage of an emerging opportunity.  Candidates should NOT let these examples limit their thinking and should draw on their own personal experiences for similar examples of leadership.  The key is to help the committee understand the candidate’s leadership characteristics, not just to list titles and accomplishments. Candidates should avoid describing situations that might fall into one of the following categories, all of which are valuable learning and growth experiences, but do not give the committee a deeper understanding of the applicant’s leadership characteristics over extended periods of time: (1) accomplishing a difficult but typical task assigned in the workplace (2) solving brief problems of cultural miscommunication while traveling or studying overseas (3) simply winning office in a student or community organization (It is, however, helpful, to describe the challenges faced and accomplishments achieved in office.) (4) brief situational challenges (focus instead on longer term projects and challenges.)
    • Essay Two: Current Affairs Essay (up to 500 words): Choose an issue in contemporary social, international, business, environmental, diplomatic, arts, or other policy that is of interest to you. This essay should lay out the current factors and trends influencing the topic and make a realistic recommendation of how local, national, or international leaders should intervene to contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous future.
Schwarzman Scholars

We discourage applicants from submitting any supplemental materials that are not required, such as portfolios, writing samples, additional recommendations, etc. Such materials will not be shared with the Review Committee.

Applicants who hold passports from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao, regardless of where they attended university or reside, will apply between January 1st and May 31st, 2018 through the portal available here. The selection process for Chinese nationals includes an online application and in-person interview at Tsinghua University in Beijing early July 2018. Candidates will be notified as soon as admissions decisions are reached, by October 1st, 2018 at the latest. For cases of Hong Kong permanent resident card holders, they should apply to Schwarzman Scholars via the China Application System. If the applicant were to apply via the U.S./Global system with a Hong Kong permanent resident card, he or she runs the risk of losing the permanent resident card. We are just learning that the Ministry of Education (MOE) is increasingly stringent on dual citizenship/resident cards, so we just want to make sure we’re advising candidates correctly in the ever-evolving MOE regulations.

Further detail is available in the Instructions to Applicants (link below) and in the Admissions Frequently Asked Questions page.

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