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US Fulbright Scholarship For Pakistani Students 2018-2019

US Fulbright scholarshisp for pakistani students 2018

USAID (United State Agency for International Development) in the US. is providing Fulbright scholarships of Masters and PhD programs for Pakistani students.  Fulbright covers full tuition fees, books cost, transportation, living expenditures and health insurance of all Pakistani students. In 2018-2019 fully funded US Fulbright scholarship is provided to 150 countries all over the world. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is also taking part in the Fulbright scholarship program and grants 25 PhD scholarships for Pakistani students.

US fulbright scholarships for pakistani students

Why Choose USA?

The main purpose of US Fulbright scholarship for Pakistani students is to create a better understanding between the people of U.S. with people of Pakistan. Evey year a huge number of students chose the U.S to study there because it is a place where a student can broaden his/her experience and gain valuable knowledge. The academic environment of U.S is known as rich because the U.S has finest universities system. Students who study there can get the opportunity to work directly with some experts in related fields. U.S degree recognized in all over the world. The U.S is at the forefront in every field like in technology, research, and techniques.

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Fulbright Scholarship Benefits:-

The Pakistani students will get following benefits in Fulbright scholarships 2018-2019.

  1. US Fulbright scholarship will cover full tuition fee, airfare, residence expenses and books cost of all Pakistani students.
  2. Accident and health expenditures are also provided by US Fulbright scholarship program.
  3. The US Fulbright scholarship provides the research allowance and in-country orientation as well to Pakistani students.

Eligibility Criteria:-

To apply for the US Fulbright scholarship session 2018-2019 following point should be considered before applying.

  1. The candidates must have 16 years of education.
  2. Two years of experience is recommended in the desired field and is compulsory to apply for MBA program.
  3. The candidate’s medical clearance should be cleared.
  4. Tha candidates should know proficient oral and written English.
     TOFEL: TOFEL is required only for short-listed candidates.

Ineligibility Criteria:-

  1. Candidates who have already studied at U.S Universities at MS level are ineligible.
  2. The person having Green Card or having the permanent residence at the U.S cannot apply for the US Fulbright scholarship.

Selection Process:-

  1. All applicants will be screened out for minimum required qualification.
  2. Candidates who fulfil the first condition are evaluated and shortlisted according to the defined criteria.
  3. Interview of shortlisted applicants held in Islamabad between July and September.
  4. Interview panels are created both U.S and Pakistanis citizens.
  5. Final selection held in October. Selected candidates will avail the Fulbright scholarship program of 2018-2019 informed by the e-mail and official letters will also be sent to them.
  6. Fulbright scholarship announces its final approval by Foreign Scholarship Board in Washington D.C.

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scholarships for pakistani students in USA

Documents Required:-

Read all the instructions carefully before applying for Fulbright scholarship program of 2018-2019.

  • An application form is required.
  • Each candidate must have three reference letters.
  • GRE “Graduate Record Examination” score is required for all applicants.
  • An attested copy of candidate’s transcript and a degree from the university is required to apply for the Fulbright scholarship program.

Note: Document attested by HEC is not required.


The US Fulbright scholarship applications will start from February 2018 and remain open until May 2018.

The United State of America is a supreme country in the world. A study in the USA is a dream of almost every Pakistani student who wants to continue their education in the modern cities of united states of America.The main mission of US Fulbright scholarships is to provide Pakistani students with a vulnerable experience in the US.I would recommend all students to apply at the USA for Fulbright scholarship and grab the opportunity to study in one of the best universities in the USA.

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